Richfield Volunteer Fire Company

Join the Richfield Volunteer Fire Company Today!

Download the Application Form, after completing the form return it to Station 2 at 4166 Hubertus Road, Richfield, WI 53033.

Why Volunteer?

Membership provides the satisfaction of helping your neighbors when they are in need and the benefit of saving the community millions in operating expenses; all while giving you the chance to learn incredible new skills as a firefighter and/or EMT. The skills that you learn will not only benefit the Richfield community, but will give you the ability and confidence to assist your own family and friends in times of emergency. You will gain a deep feeling of self-satisfaction by providing a critical service to your local community.

Who are we looking for?

Successful candidates possess many of the following traits:

We want you to join our team!

Get a free education with a lifetime of benefits that will make you proud to serve your community. If it weren't for volunteers, three-fourths of the United States would be without adequate fire and emergency medical protection... including the community you live in. Today's volunteer must be intelligent, dedicated, responsive and willing to undergo the demanding training and time commitments that go with the job. Volunteers are community oriented individuals. They have pride in what they do. They address challenges and are motivated by self-satisfaction. Few jobs offer the challenges and rewards that volunteer fire and rescue services offer.

Membership Requirements:

18 years old by class completion
Medical physical
Background check