Richfield Volunteer Fire Company

COVID-19 Alert

Through the duration of the Safer At Home order, the Richfield Volunteer Fire Company’s offices are closed to most visitors.
The Hall at Station 1 is available for rental. Per the October 6th, 2020 Wisconsin State DHS Emergency Order #3, capacity is limited to 25%.
If you have business with the Fire Company, please call ahead at 262.628.1601.
If you have an emergency call 911

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Richfield Days 2020 Announcement

Richfield Days is a combination of efforts between the Richfield Volunteer Fire Company, Village of Richfield, Richfield Lions Club, Richfield Historical Society, and the Richfield Parade Committee. All committees have been in contact during this pandemic, and have been closely monitoring the situation from the public health standpoint. The current conditions of the pandemic, along with the recommendations from Washington Ozaukee Public Health Department, Wisconsin Department of Health Services, and the Centers for Disease Control preclude us from safely conducting a large gathering of people this year. Because of these stringent safety recommendations, it is with great disappointment that we must announce that Richfield Days 2020 is canceled.

Through the years, in addition to being a wonderful community event, Richfield Days has become a major source of revenue for our all of the organizations involved, but especially so for the RVFC. The fundraising for the event is spread far and wide between gracious local businesses, community leaders, and citizens alike. These funds have provided a source of income to purchase new and upgraded equipment, purchases made outside of the annual budget, and outside of tax dollars. Life-saving equipment like the LUCAS device that each ambulance carries, which provides chest compressions for someone who suffers cardiac arrest. New cots for the ambulances that are able to help lift patients on them via a hydraulic system to ease the work of the EMT's caring for the patients. New cardiac monitors, which allow EMT's to closely watch the vital signs of a patient, transmit an EKG to the hospital from the field, and provide life-saving electrical therapy to someone who's heart has stopped beating. New airway management devices that give paramedics an unobstructed and crystal clear view of a patient's airway while attempting to get a patient to breathe again who has stopped breathing. New hydraulic cutting and spreading tools, which can free a patient trapped in their vehicle after a motor vehicle crash.

All of this equipment was funded either partially or in full from the funds raised at past Richfield Days' events. Without those funds and events, the equipment would not be available for our use today. We hope you keep our organizations in your thoughts and hearts as we conduct alternative fundraising events later this year. Alternative plans are being created to raise these crucial funds, so please continue to monitor our fundraising events as the year continues, so that we can all come together to create new memories, and hopefully celebrate Richfield Days once again in the future. Please continue to take care of yourself and your families during this time to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Mission Statement:

Richfield Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. is dedicated to protecting life and property by providing the community with fire safety, safety education, and fire prevention programs, and providing the mitigation of fire, medical, and related emergencies with professionally trained personnel, using teamwork and the resources provided by the community.

Richfield Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. is a private, non-profit company that provides emergency services for 49 square miles of Washington County. We cover the entire Village of Richfield, the Town of Germantown, 3 sections in the Town of Polk and 8 sections in the Town of Erin.

The goal of the Richfield Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. is to minimize loss of life and property for the Village of Richfield and other contracted sections, from fires, natural disasters, life-threatening situations and to assist other emergency agencies.

The objective of the Richfield Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. is to perform these services in an efficient manner by maintaining effective fire prevention, emergency response, fire suppression and training.