Richfield Volunteer Fire Company

Call for Volunteers

The Richfield Volunteer Fire Company needs more staff, especially volunteers, to continue fulfilling our mission. Our call volume has doubled over the last 20 years, while our membership has significantly decreased. We need your support to increase our staff. The most important way you can help is to volunteer.

Members are trained through local technical colleges where they learn State certified skills, ultimately resulting in State of Wisconsin certification for Fire or EMS classes. We pay for all training, and pay hourly while on a call. There are many options available to specialize in with further training or more certification classes, such as vehicle extrication, rescue and recovery dive, hazardous materials, fire inspections, or one of many other specialties.

We also welcome other skills where joining as an associate member may be the right fit for you. These community members have a passion to help others, but may not have the ability to serve in an active fire or EMS role. For example, skills such as advertising, event planning, grant writing, recruitment, accounting, business management, vehicle maintenance, etc.

Annual Report

Click here to download the 2021 Annual Report

Mission Statement:

Richfield Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. is dedicated to protecting life and property by providing the community with fire safety, safety education, and fire prevention programs, and providing the mitigation of fire, medical, and related emergencies with professionally trained personnel, using teamwork and the resources provided by the community.

Richfield Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. is a private, non-profit company that provides emergency services for 49 square miles of Washington County. We cover the entire Village of Richfield, the Town of Germantown, 3 sections in the Town of Polk and 8 sections in the Town of Erin.

The goal of the Richfield Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. is to minimize loss of life and property for the Village of Richfield and other contracted sections, from fires, natural disasters, life-threatening situations and to assist other emergency agencies.

The objective of the Richfield Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. is to perform these services in an efficient manner by maintaining effective fire prevention, emergency response, fire suppression and training.